Call for ‘strategy’ to deal with traffic issues in Southsea

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A CONSERVATIVE councillor wants to see a new strategy brought in to tackle Southsea’s traffic issues.

Deputy Conservative group leader Cllr Luke Stubbs says there are too many problems, and changes need to be made.

Cars are still driving through Palmerston Road’s pedestrian zone a year after it was put in place.

There are also issues with motorists knocking over bollards as they drive through Lennox Road South because they’re confused about the restrictions.

As previously reported in The News, Portsmouth City Council has used bollards to block off the road three-quarters of the way down.

The scheme was introduced so that heavy good vehicles would stop using it as a through road.

Cllr Stubbs said: ‘One of the things the council is definitely getting wrong is it should think of dealing with traffic problems here in one go.

‘Now traffic is travelling down Florence Road and causing problems there.

‘In Lennox Road South, by going on the pavement you can just about squeeze through.

‘That’s happening partly because people don’t know there are restrictions there now.

‘A lot of people who aren’t familiar with the area are using sat navs which haven’t been updated.

‘The council needs a masterplan about what it is going to do about traffic in that area.’

Traffic coming from Clarendon Road must now turn up Villiers Road and back towards Clarendon and Osborne Road.

Vehicles travelling from Clarence Parade must now go up Auckland Road East and back towards the seafront via Palmerston Road.

Councillor Lee Hunt, who represents Southsea, said a review did not need to take place.

Talking about the changes to Lennox Road South, he said: ‘Residents asked for it and as far as I am aware it is an experimental system so people can make comments and a decision on that will be made in due course.

‘If you look at Palmerston Road during the day, without a shadow of a doubt, the pedestrianised zone has been an enormous success. People can walk easily along the road and it links the seafront to Palmerston Road and Marmion Road perfectly.’

The council is considering putting cash aside so it can consider plans to pedestrianise Osborne Road.