Campaign targets preventing road accidents on the way to Hampshire’s schools

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A NEW county-wide campaign is trying to stop young people getting hit by cars as they walk to school.

Hampshire County Council discovered from statistics that there is a problem with secondary school aged children having accidents which in about 75 per cent of cases are due to them not paying attention.

In the five-year period between January 1, 2007, and December 31, 2011, excluding children injured while a passenger in a car, there was a total of 773 casualties aged 11 to 16 involving pedestrians or pedal cyclists – three were fatal and 154 resulted in serious injures.

StreetSense is a new campaign being launched to target children, teachers, parents and drivers, in an effort to make them more aware of the vulnerability of children near traffic.

It also aims to teach children to concentrate more and not use mobile phones or earphones to listen to music when walking or cycling in traffic.

It will be rolled out to secondary schools until June 22.