Drivers shocked by Eastern Road crash

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Drivers voiced their shock today after a serious accident caused widespread traffic congestion in Portsmouth.

The accident involving a truck and a motorcycle on the Eastern Road led to many people taking to our Facebook page to express concern.

Naomi Perris said: ‘Copnor Bridge is gridlocked and Baffins is a nightmare. However, as annoying as it is, at least we will get to where we going today at some point unlike the crash victims. Hope they are all okay.’

Heidi Blake commented: ‘It’s a shame the people were using their horns at 6.30am. They will eventually get to work!’

Suzanne Wells said: ‘Thoughts with the people involved and hope nothing too serious.’

Wesley Frost warned: ‘Baffins is gridlocked.’

And Teresa Dugan advised drivers: ‘Try not to use Langstone Road.’