Hampshire County Council plans to slash road speed limits at accident blackspots

CHANGING? Traffic on the A32 in Fareham near the junction of Salterns Lane. The 40mph limit may be reduced to 30mph.  Picture: Paul Jacobs (120100-3)
CHANGING? Traffic on the A32 in Fareham near the junction of Salterns Lane. The 40mph limit may be reduced to 30mph. Picture: Paul Jacobs (120100-3)
Picture: Paul Jacobs (142476-229) PPP-140824-032155001


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SPEED limits are set to be reduced at accident blackspots.

The changes could see parts of the A32 in Gosport and Fareham brought down from 40mph to 30mph in a bid to reduce crashes and fatalities.

Six stretches of road in Havant, Fareham and Gosport have been identified for changes, as well as a number of rural routes in East Hampshire.

A county council report outlines 48 routes for changes to the speed limit in the county, as well as five areas where the new speed limit would be advisory.

The scheme, costing £450,000, would come in between now and 2014 if approved.

The proposals have attracted a mixed response, with Gosport council leader Mark Hook concerned about reducing the speed limit on the A32.

He said: ‘The speed is governed by the prevailing conditions at the time. During the peak rush hour you are lucky to do 15mph down that stretch.’

Statistics show on the stretch of road in question – between Salterns Lane and north of Rowner Road roundabout – there have been 72 accidents in the last five years, with 11 of them serious or fatal.

Cllr Hook added: ‘The last thing we would want is fatalities and no action being taken. Of course we would support it based on that evidence. But we would need to see the evidence.’

After years of campaigning by residents, there are plans to reduce the speed limit on the B2148 between Rowlands Castle and Emsworth, where there have been five serious or fatal accidents.

Marge Harvey, councillor for Rowlands Castle, said: ‘That bit of road is fatal.

‘With the bridge and the awful bend, it should be less than the national speed limit.’

A decision on whether to progress the proposals to allow for more consultation will be made at a meeting next Tuesday.

Cllr Mel Kendal, who is in charge of transport in Hampshire, was unavailable for comment yesterday.

A report due to go before him states: ‘The main objectives of the review are to set speed limits that are evidence-led, clear, consistent and reinforce the public’s assessment of a safe speed to travel and assist with reductions in collision frequency and severity.’


· A32, between 150m northwest of Furzehall Avenue to and including Wallington Way roundabout – 40mph to 30mph.

· A32, between Salterns Lane and 100m northwest of Rowner Road roundabout – 40mph to 30mph.

· B2150, Waterlooville, from A3(M) to 250m south towards Leigh Park – national speed limit to advisory 40mph limit.

· B2150, Waterlooville, between A3(M) and Tempest Avenue Roundabout – national speed limit to 50mph.

· B2150, Waterlooville, between 50m west of Tempest Avenue and 40m east of Tempest Avenue roundabout – national speed limit to 40mph.

· B2148, Rowlands Castle, between 80m southeast of Prospect Lane and 1060m southeast of Prospect Lane – national speed limit to 40mph