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A WOMAN was taken to hospital following a two-car collision.

Firefighters from Havant were called to the accident which took place in Wakefords Way, in Havant, at around 1pm yesterday.

Two fire engines attended to make the area safe after officers from Hampshire Constabulary closed the road for around half an hour.

The crash involved two women – one driving a silver Volkswagen Golf and the other in a blue Peugeot 205 – and one was taken to hospital with suspected neck injuries.

She was later allowed to return home from Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, when she was found not to be seriously injured.

Havant firefighters were called to a second accident on the A27 between Havant and Chichester, near a Total garage.

A blue Peugeot hatchback ended up in a ditch after its driver lost control and drove off the dual carriageway.

The accident took place at around 3pm yesterday and no-one was injured.