Hundreds of Portsmouth drivers win parking ticket appeals

Parking tickets issued in Portsmouth
Parking tickets issued in Portsmouth
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HUNDREDS of Portsmouth motorists have won appeals against their parking fines because of issues with their method of payment.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed 362 cases involving RingGo between April 2012 and March 2013 were thrown out.

Drivers had their fines overturned because there was a technical glitch with the service – which lets you pay using a card over the phone – which meant payment wasn’t picked up.

It was also found that people had paid but typed in the wrong code for the zone they were parked in or entered their vehicle registration incorrectly.

Councillor Luke Stubbs, deputy conservative group leader, said the figures suggested there was a problem.

‘I had a ticket in similar circumstances, so I know how annoying it can be,’ he said.

‘I paid on RingGo but the machines some nearby wardens were using did not update with that information in time and they issued a ticket.

‘It is inevitable that some people will enter incorrect data, but the system ought to be able to cope better.

‘Over 300 tickets a year suggests a significant problem and it needs to be looked at.

‘Lots of other councils use the same system and it would be interesting to know what their numbers look like.’

The number of successful RingGo appeals from 2011 and 2012 was 321.

RingGo users almost doubled from 63,121 to 123,582 from 2011/12 to 2012/13.

Customers paying by cash or credit card increased by 624,798 from 686,909 to 1,311,707.

RingGo parking zone numbers are on parking machines and the council’s website.

Cllr Jason Fazackarley, cabinet member for traffic and transport, said he will look into whether there are problems that need addressing.

‘I have not been made aware of there being a particular problem with the system,’ he said.

‘Clearly it shows the parking service is willing to listen to people and accept their appeals.

‘It’s a relatively small number in terms of when you compare it to the total number of people using RingGo. As technology advances with the passage of time, more people are using it.

‘I will look into where we are in terms of RingGo and how we can improve the system.’