Motorists bringing misery by using Gosport alley as a rat-run

CONCERNED Robert Clark stands in front of the fence being damaged by rat-run drivers
CONCERNED Robert Clark stands in front of the fence being damaged by rat-run drivers
Picture: Paul Jacobs (142476-229) PPP-140824-032155001


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INCONSIDERATE motorists are giving residents a headache by using an access area behind a row of houses as a rat-run to avoid traffic.

One couple, Bob and Diane Clark, of Park Close in Gosport, have tried for more than two years to stop vehicles including vans and even lorries from cutting through the path, which is intended for garage access only.

Motorists who ignore signs telling them to keep out have repeatedly caused damage to a fence at the rear of the Clarks’ property.

Mr Clark, 75, who volunteers at the British Heart Foundation shop in Gosport High Street, said: ‘We’ve replaced the fence twice and we’re looking into the cost of building a brick wall — I think it would be a deterrent.

‘Ideally it needs the signs replacing. It should say “access to garages only”.

‘We have lorries trying to get down there and realising they can’t get out.

‘The concern of mine is that mums and babies, and kids on their bikes, use the alleyway.’

When challenged some drivers become verbally abusive, he said.

Mrs Clark, 65, added: ‘We’ve gone out to people driving down there, and they’ve said it says “access” so that’s what they’re doing.

‘We just seem to be coming up against a brick wall.’

Despite appealing to Gosport Borough Council and the highways department, the Clarks have been unable to find a solution to the problem.

Cllr Rob Hylands, ward councillor for Brockhurst, has taken up their cause.

He said: ‘About three years or so ago they contacted me with regard to the little place that was being used as a cut-through.

‘It’s not a through road but was being used as one.

‘The last one they told me about was a flatbed truck with scaffold poles on the back.

‘We’ve tried talking to the highways department but there’s nothing they can do to block it off and stop people going through there.’

Because residents still need to access their garages, it is not possible to ban vehicles from using the alley.

So Cllr Hylands is appealing to drivers’ better nature.

He said: ‘Please consider using another route round.

‘Particularly to those people with larger vehicles who are running through there with larger vehicles and bashing up Mr and Mrs Clark’s fence.’