Publican says problems in Palmerston Road aren’t fault of venues

Palmerston Road
Palmerston Road
M27. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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PORTSMOUTH City Council has been criticised for suggesting pubs are to blame for anti-social behaviour in Palmerston Road.

As previously reported, strategic director for regeneration Kathy Wadsworth said problems are to do with venues staying open for longer, and not to do with the Southsea street’s pedestrian zone.

This came despite concerns raised by councillors and residents that the precinct is encouraging drinkers to hang about and cause trouble.

Steve Hudson, owner of Drift Bar, in Palmerston Road, said his opening hours hadn’t changed for years and have been the same since before the creation of the pedestrian scheme early last year.

He said he was in the area recently and didn’t spot any trouble at all being caused by pubs.

‘Many of the pubs are not open any extra hours so I don’t know where she got that impression from,’ Mr Hudson said. ‘At Drift Bar, the hours have been the same for years.

‘The only difference is on the bank holidays.

‘I haven’t seen the latest figures, but I went to Palmerston Road at 1am on a Saturday and there wasn’t the slightest bit of trouble.’