READER’S OPINION: Stoke Road is a nightmare!

Stoke Road. Picture: Google Maps

Stoke Road. Picture: Google Maps

James Cooper, director of the Stansted Park Foundation, with the model    Picture: Habibur Rahman

Railway model depicting life in Rowlands Castle during the Second World War now on display

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I write as a born-and-bred Gosport man and refer to Stoke Road, which has become a nightmare to use.

You get a stream of buses every day within 10 and 15 minutes of each other.

The traffic is so dense it has, I believe, become the worst road in Gosport.

On top of this, whoever planned this put a disabled parking bay some 15 yards from the zebra crossing, which means traffic is at a standstill when oncoming traffic approaches.

By the time you are waiting to proceed from the disabled parking bay, the red lights change again and builds up more traffic with parking both sides.

Why can’t some of the buses use the south relief road and come out of Waitrose Supermarket, cutting out the main Stoke Road bottleneck?

I feel many drivers will totally agree with this letter.

* This letter was submitted to The News by Ray Dore, of Burnhams Walk, Gosport

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