Sat nav causes Waitrose lorry crash

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A ROAD had to be closed when a lorry carrying toilet paper crashed into the roof of a supermarket.

Firefighters had to cut a 6ft by 4ft hole in the side of the Lenhams Storage lorry which got stuck on a protruding corner of the roof of Waitrose, in North Street, Havant.

It was on its way to make a delivery at the store when the driver’s sat nav directed it down The Pallant, a small road not suitable for lorries.

As the driver tried to manoeuvre out on to North Street, it got stuck.

Jamie Wren, manager of the crew of Havant firefighters, said: ‘We came along to find the roof embedded in the lorry. The driver just misjudged the corner.

‘We had to cut a hole in the back of the lorry big enough for him to manoeuvre the lorry out.

‘Once we had established it was structurally safe we set about releasing the lorry.’

The accident happened at 2.15pm yesterday.

Gary Thurgood, the store manager, said: ‘The police and fire brigade were excellent. We’re glad no one was hurt.’