Sleepy driver causes three-way car crash

March 1962 and a naval rating signals Halt to more conventional traffic as the Saunders-Roe SRN1 crosses the seafront at Lee-on-the-Solent and returns to HMS Ariel, now the site of the Hovercraft Museum. Roles such as anti-submarine warfare, air-sea rescue and mine countermeasures were foreseen.						                                Pictures courtesy Amberley Publishing

Spotlight hovers over Lee-on-the-Solent museum

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MOTORISTS are counting the cost this morning after a driver fell asleep at his wheel and caused three vehicles to crash.

The man, believed to be in his 40s, was driving along Brockhurst Road, Gosport, at around midnight when he dozed off and smashed into a Volkswagen van that was parked on the road.

The van then shunted into a transit van and a Citroen car, which were also parked.

Noone were in the vehicles.

The noise of the crash caused neighbours to wake up and dial 999.

Firefighters from Gosport arrived and checked over the driver who had fallen asleep. He was unharmed.

The man’s Renault car and the Volkswagen van were written off.

There was slight damage to the other vehicles.

A spokesman from Gosport fire station said: ‘We received reports that a man who had fallen asleep was trapped in his car.

‘But when we arrived we discovered he was fine and was relatively calm. He explained he had been at work all day and was tired.

‘There were no injuries.

‘We lodged the vehicles involved apart and disconnected all the batteries.’

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