Traffic sensor at Gosport accident blackspot fails three times

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A TRAFFIC sensor at an accident blackspot in Gosport failed three times this year, The News can reveal.

The pole-mounted vehicle sensor at the traffic light- controlled junction of Grove Road and Heritage Way in Gosport, failed on February 18, March 28 and on April 2, just six days before a two-car crash on April 8.

The sensor was working at the time of the crash.

On the first two occasions, the sensor was tested, reset and left working fully by workers from Hampshire County Council.

The authority replaced the sensor on the third occasion with a new unit and no further faults have been reported.

A spokesperson for the council said it carries out routine inspections of all traffic light systems.

The spokesperson explained: ‘When a sensor fails it will default to an active state, so there is no risk of vehicles going undetected.

‘The fault may result in reduced junction efficiency for a short time until the fault is repaired but there are no further operational risks.’

As reported previously in The News, the crash on April 8 saw a 64-year-old woman taken to hospital but she was found to be uninjured.

The news of the sensor faults has sparked renewed calls for tougher punishments on those who flout the ‘no turning’ rules at the junction and drive through red lights.

Phil Bright, 39, lives on the corner of the junction and said he wants to see rigorous enforcement.

He said: ‘A lot of the problem is more to do with the fact there is very poor visibility.

‘It’s such a tight junction, traffic going in either direction is not going to see any crossing traffic – that’s why you can’t turn left or right.

‘They’ve put a speed restriction at Heritage Way and people just ignore it – they go too fast along there. As is quite common at traffic lights, you see an amber light and you know it’s about to change to red and rather than slow down you see cars trying to jump the lights.’

Councillor Roger Allen, ward councillor for Hardway at Gosport Borough Council, said he is pleased there is monitoring of the junction.

He said: ‘I just hope that the faults that do occur aren’t so bad that they would cause accidents.’