Warning as work on M275 will mean more overnight closures

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DRIVERS are being warned of potential delays on the M275 ahead of more overnight closures on Sundays.

Work is continuing on the motorway’s new Tipner junction alongside maintenance work by highways firm Colas.

More work has been scheduled so major lane closures are taking place overnight.

This includes some full closures of the northbound and southbound carriageways.

A spokeswoman for Colas said: ‘Because levels of traffic are not high on the motorway on Sunday mornings, owing to factors such as shops not opening as early, the work is not expected to cause major disruption.

‘However, drivers coming into the city should be aware of the potential for delays and allow more time or use alternative routes where possible.’

Normally all lanes will be reopened by 5.30am, but one piece of maintenance work on the southbound carriageway requires two periods of 14 hours continuous work. These are scheduled to begin on the evenings of Saturday, October 5 and Saturday, October 12. They will finish by 11am the following day.

The M275 will remain open throughout the work, but there will only be one lane heading into the city.