Tributes paid to Hampshire UFO expert

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Crop circle enthusiasts from around the world have paid tribute to a man who was found dead in the sea.

Paul Vigay, 44, was described as a leading light in the research of crop circles and UFOs.

He even shared his expertise with Hollywood moviemakers.

But as reported in The News, father-of-one Mr Vigay, of Manners Road, Southsea was discovered dead in the sea at Eastney last Friday. His death has baffled family and friends.

An online condolence page has now been set up, with tributes being left from crop circle enthusiasts across the globe.

Chris Steele, from Ohio, USA, said: 'Paul was one of the very most important contributors to the field of crop circle research on this planet.

'His courage, generosity, integrity and intellect will always be missed and always remembered.

'This is a true loss for Mother Earth.'

Chad Deetken, from Canada, added: ' We have known him since 1991 and have found him to be a gentle, kind and honourable person and one of the very few astute and dedicated crop circle researchers.'

Mr Vigay, a computer expert, developed an interest in crop circles in 1990 when he was developing some electronic equipment to detect electric current flow behind walls and floors.

He described on his own website how his mother had collected some corn stalks from local fields – some from inside a crop circle.

As he was demonstrating his 'gizmo', he jokingly placed the probe on one of the stalks of corn.

He got a reading of electric charge and his interest in crop circles was ignited.

Mr Vigay had set up several websites and was involved in a research project to uncover the mystery of unexplained sounds, such as humming and trilling, which are frequently heard at crop circles.

He helped in the production of the 2002 Mel Gibson film Signs, where a family discover crop circles on their farm and are invaded by aliens.

He also once demonstrated outside the Houses of Parliament to raise awareness of UFOs.

Lynette Day, from Australia, said: 'He was a really nice person, open-minded and determined to find the truth about the crop circle phenomenon.'

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