Two years on and Carol gets her purse back

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WHEN Carol Parr’s purse with precious photographs of her family was stolen two years ago, she thought she would never see it again.

So imagine her shock when she got a knock at her front door to inform her that it had been found.

It was discovered by two employees from Colas, who found it when cleaning a gully in Beresford Road, North End.

Now Carol, 59, from Carnarvon Road in North End, invited the two employees into her place of work at the British Heart Foundation furniture store to thank them.

She said: ‘I had my purse stolen in March 2012. After two weeks the police had tracked down my bag but not many of the contents inside.

‘I got my bag back minus my purse and I thought I’d lost it for good.

‘Then on Friday my front door went and this guy and his partner were there with my driving licence.

‘And it was my purse from my bag that had been stolen two years ago.

‘I was very emotional because it had pictures of my grandson.

‘It was very nice that two people had made the effort to return it to where it belonged.

‘It meant everything because they were irreplaceable.’

James Dridge is a street cleaner for Colas.

He found the purse last week while he was out with his colleague Mike Turner.

James said: ‘We were doing a road clean and we noticed a purse in there so we removed the purse.

‘We normally check if there’s a driving licence and we return it if we can.

‘We think it’s nice to return it. We know how inconvenient it can be for people.’

Carol, a sales assistant at the British Heart Foundation furniture store in North End, said she felt it was important to personally thank Colas for returning her purse, which she thought she would never see again.

‘We hear so many horrible stories and complaints about people that I thought it was so nice that two guys had made the effort.

‘I wanted them to get a bit of recognition for it so that people can see that they shouldn’t lose faith in human nature.’




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