Victorious Festival: Kill Kasper frontman proposes on stage

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PLAYING in front of hundreds of people wasn’t the reason Jamie Kasper was nervous at the festival.

The lead singer of the Portsmouth band Kill Kasper was anxious in the lead-up to their set because he had plans to propose to his girlfriend.

Half-way through their performance on the Seaside Stage, Jamie called his girlfriend Emma Courtney on stage and proposed to her.

She said yes in front of the crowd.

Jamie said afterwards: ‘I told Emma I was nervous in the lead-up to the show but she didn’t know it was because of the proposal.

‘She didn’t have a clue that I was going to call her on stage and ask her to marry me.

‘I don’t know when we will get married. I will let her plan that because it’s her day. Maybe it will be next summer.’

Kill Kasper played at lunchtime on Saturday and Jamie said the festival was brilliant.

‘It was amazing to play,’ he said. ‘It was really brilliant and I wasn’t nervous at all.

‘We are a local Pompey band so to play at a festival like this is great. There was a great atmosphere.’




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