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PENSIONER Sheila Baker laughed in the face of danger and jumped 10,000ft out of a plane to raise money for a cancer charity.

The great-grandmother was inspired to make the leap after her daughter Maria Baker, 46, was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.

Now the unstoppable 70-year-old is appealing for others to take the plunge so she can go skydiving again.

Mrs Baker, of Fortune House, Chilworth Grove, Gosport, said: ‘It was just a dream I had, I never thought it would come true.’

Other residents at Fortune House, a sheltered hosing scheme for the elderly, rallied around and a group of them went to Salisbury to watch.

Mrs Baker said she couldn’t have done it without their support, especially Charlie Lewis, who brought the sausage rolls, and Ron Forster, who took photographs.

Pearl Comrie, 54, older persons’ support worker, helped organise the group.

Mrs Comrie said the event had brought Mrs Baker out of her shell and the normally-quiet lady had a new lease of life since.

Mrs Comrie said: ‘We have got a star on the premises now. We had a fantastic day.’

Mrs Baker said she had always dreamt of doing a skydive and that she wasn’t scared.

‘When I got into the plane there were eight young people, all about 20 years old,’ she said.

‘I was sat next to a girl in her 20s who was terrified. I made her feel better by saying that she didn’t need to be scared and that she could follow me. I was smiling all the way.’

The fearless granny has raised more then £1,500 for charity Cancer Research UK through sponsorship.

‘I’d like to thank everybody that put money in. It was lovely, really gorgeous it was,’ she said.

Her daughter Maria is undergoing treatment and Mrs Baker said she wants to raise more money to fund the charity’s research.

Mrs Baker wants another 20 people to join her, so she can go again.

She said: ‘If I can get 20 people then not only do we raise more, I get to go free, so come on everybody!’

Her husband of 49 years Dave said he was proud of his wife’s achievement but he has no plans of joining her anytime soon.

Mr Baker, 78, said: ‘I‘m proud she done it but I thought she was a bit of a nutter.

‘It made your hair stand up a bit.’

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