‘We’re relieved we know how our Lily died’

ANSWERS Mark Channon and Kelly Mullett now have the medical reports into the death of their daughter, Lily, inset. Picture: Malcolm Wells (121058-2963)
ANSWERS Mark Channon and Kelly Mullett now have the medical reports into the death of their daughter, Lily, inset. Picture: Malcolm Wells (121058-2963)
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IT WAS an agonising wait, but finally parents Mark Channon and Kelly Mullett now know why they lost their precious daughter.

Six-year-old Lilian Channon, known as Lily, died suddenly in March this year after developing what appeared to be a cold.

Lily Channon

Lily Channon

Now medical reports show young Lily died after contracting flu.

This had caused swelling to her brain and her heart to beat too fast.

Dad Mark, 51, of Priory Road, Gosport, said: ‘The doctors at Queen Alexandra Hospital said we did everything by the book and all that we could.

‘The nurse said that even if we had taken Lily to hospital a day earlier then it wouldn’t have changed anything.

‘That gives us some comfort.

‘And we’re also relieved that an answer has been given and we haven’t been left wondering what the cause was.’

As previously reported in The News, Lily first showed signs of being unwell after coming home from a birthday party.

Her parents noticed she had become quiet and kept her off from Elson Infant School, in Exmouth Road, Gosport, as she had been showing cold-like symptoms.

On the third day Kelly, 40, ran a bath for Lily to warm her up.

But after her bath Lily’s parents couldn’t feel her pulse.

Mark and Kelly called paramedics, who took Lily to QA, in Cosham.

Although doctors did all they could – including bringing in a specialist consultant from Southampton – Lily died.

Kelly said: ‘We’ve had a long wait to find out what caused this.

‘I am relieved we know the answer, but we still miss her – everyone does.

‘Family miss her, the other schoolchildren walk past in the morning and blow Lily kisses.

‘That all means a lot to us.’

The couple have created a memorial for Lily, who was a huge fan of the musical The Phantom of the Opera, in the front garden.

Most of the ornaments have been donated by well-wishers.

‘We come out in the morning and find someone has put down a butterfly or sprinkled some glitter,’ added Kelly.

‘And the school photographer kindly printed Lily’s school photo on a canvas for us.

‘People have been very good to us.’

Mark and Kelly are still waiting for an inquest to be held before a death certificate is issued.

Mark added: ‘All this has made me more aware of the flu.

‘When I hear a child sniffing I tell the parents to please make sure they get it checked out as soon as possible.’