What’s your favourite open area of Portsmouth?

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PORTSMOUTH residents are being invited to take part in a global research project to investigate how they value the Farlington Marshes and other local open spaces.

Hélène Draux, a PhD student from London Metropolitan University, wants as many residents as possible to fill out a 15 minute online survey that will inform coastal management policy worldwide.

Her research is part of a broader European-funded project looking at the management of coastal cities.

Miss Draux said: ‘Portsmouth has really beautiful parks, but it is difficult to know which of them are the most important to residents.

‘My survey is collecting this kind of information in an innovative way with online maps. So, are you more a Southsea Common, Milton Common or Farlington Marshes person?’

Participants will be presented with online maps of Portsmouth and asked to click to designate certain responses – such as their favourite space and where they think the city is at risk of flooding.

To take part see openspaces-portsmouth.org.uk