Why not improve your public speaking?

TOAST Wendy Benson and Keith Oliver celebrate receiving their Silver and Gold Awards with Spinnaker Speakers
TOAST Wendy Benson and Keith Oliver celebrate receiving their Silver and Gold Awards with Spinnaker Speakers
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From: Simon Hart <southsea2006@yahoo.co.uk>

Even though George V proclaimed all German titles were to be given up by his family a century ago (July 17 1917), there is still physical evidence in our city of the Germanic royal house that once existed. Two commemoration stones relating to members of the royal house previous to the House of Windsor are so readily a part of the fabric of our daily lives but are probably in the most part overlooked.

A walk along Queen Street and on the corner with Aylward Street will present a building with a foundation stone that was laid by HRH Princess Henry of Battenberg in 1912. This was the married title of Queen Victoria's daughter Beatrice which was relinquished on 14 July 1917. From 17 July 1917 she was known as HRH the Princess Beatrice.

A visit to Sainsburys foyer in Commercial Road will provide the opportunity to see a commemoration stone for the opening of the Child's Ward of the Royal Hospital in 1909 by HH Princess Victoria of Schleswig

Four arrested after police crackdown in Commercial Road

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Are you looking for a new challenge this year? Then why not improve your public speaking skills.

Spinnaker Speakers is your local public speaking club where you can improve communication, public speaking and leadership skills.

I have been a member of Spinnaker Speakers for 14 months and have seen a dramatic improvement in my confidence and skills.

Spinnaker Speakers meet on the second and fourth Monday of each month at St Luke’s Church, Southsea; on occasion, we also run training events and competitions.

Through attending meetings, members work through a series of manuals comprised of various speech tasks, from the first icebreaker, to speeches looking to develop specific valuable skills that will make people sit up and take notice of you!

Manuals also set a path for becoming a competent leader in addition to a competent communicator, and members are encouraged to take on various roles at club meetings to help one another, such as being timekeeper.

Spinnaker Speakers is now celebrating two of its longstanding members receiving prestigious awards.

Wendy Benson, after four years with Toastmasters, received her Competent Communicator Silver, which means that she has completed at least 30 prepared speeches.

The next step for Wendy is to work towards her Gold award, which she is aiming to complete by the end of this year.

This means Wendy would need to give 10 more speeches on subjects such as public relations and special occasion speeches.

Our second remarkable member, Keith Oliver, received his Competent Communicator Gold, which means that he has completed at least 40 prepared speeches.

After 12 years with Toastmasters, Keith is now only one award away from becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest award possible within Toastmasters.

I would encourage anyone wishing to improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills, or anyone who just wants to try something new and sociable, to get involved in their local speaking club.

If you would like more information on Spinnaker Speakers, our club president, Wendy, can be contacted on 07530748213 or email wendybenson104@gmail.com.

Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/SpinnakerSpeakersToastmasters or visit spinnaker.toastmasterclub.org.