Woman stuck in sea mud

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A WOMAN was rescued after getting stuck in mud at Langstone Harbour amid rising tides.

RNLI Portsmouth’s D-Class Lifeboat was sent to rescue the woman at 9.50am yesterday after receiving calls from Solent Coastguard.

Lifesavers found the woman submerged in mud up to her waist, and supported by a police officer, who was also submerged.

RNLI Helmsman Pete Slidel entered the water and both volunteer crew and the policeman pulled the woman free from the mud and into the safety of the lifeboat.

Once aboard the lifeboat, the crew took her to Portsmouth Lifeboat Station where an ambulance had been called.

On the short journey back the woman lost consciousness momentarily.

Once on land, she was treated for hyperthermia before paramedics arrive and took over.