Windmill images through time

Langstone Windmill today

Langstone Windmill today


We have just had the first cold spell of the winter, or should I say ‘chilly’ part.

For these old photo graphs show just what our great-grandparents had to put up with when it came to wintry weather.

They are taken, of course, down at the edge of Chichester Harbour at Langstone and are of the old mill which has been painted and photographed numerous times since these glass plate photographs were taken, no doubt using a wooden tripod.

It was more than a century ago in 1895 and in the last years of Queen Victoria’s reign when the photographer made his way down High Street, Langstone.

There he took these everlasting images of the then-redundant mill frozen not only in time but also in the thick ice of the harbour waters – ice that was so thick it trapped the oyster-catcher Mabel.

He no doubt took himself off for a pint in front of a warm fire at the Royal Oak pub just a few yards away.

The windmill was built in 1730 but when the

photo was taken it was redundant. It was converted to living accommodation in 1934 and is a Grade II listed building.

Now a four-storey building, there is evidence that at one time it had only three storeys. It had four sails connected to a wooden windshaft.




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