Blue Day: Medina Primary School

Portsmouth Grammar School pupils, back from left  to right: Sam Rush, Oliver Clark, Hermione Barrick, Michaela Clancy, Ilana Berney, Lizzy Greenfield, Charlotte Phillips, Grace Goodfellow, Caleb Barron, Robert Merriam. Front row, left to right: Katie Morrison, Gemma Webb, Lana Watt, Alfie Perry-Ward

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Pupils at Medina Primary school have dressed all in blue today for Blue Day to raise money for The Tom Prince Cancer Trust.

The 200 pupils at the school wore a variety of blue clothing, from jumpers to wigs, each bringing in a pound to put towards the cancer trust.

Headteacher Howard Payne said: ‘The children are eager to get involved, we have participated each year from when the trust was first started. We are well prepared for the event and it is something which is really important to the school.’

Year 5 pupil Lenny Horrell, aged 9, said: ‘This is my third year at the school and I’ve done blue day each year. It’s fun.’