Candlelit vigil to be held tonight

The Rampant at the ramparts of Portchester Castle in 1967. L to r: Peter Richardson (aka Ritchie Peters  they turned his name around) vocals, Ron Hughes guitar, Ken Hughes (his brother) drums, Don Golding bass, Mick Cooper Hammond organ.

NOSTALGIA: Still Rampant after all these years – the band that just keep giving...

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A CANDLELIT vigil was held in Portsmouth last night, in memory of those who were murdered in last weekend’s attack in London.

A CANDLELIT vigil will be held in Portsmouth tonight, in memory of those who were murdered in last weekend’s attack in London.

The vigil, which is taking place in Guildhall Square at 8pm, allows people in the city to pay their respects to those who sadly lost their lives, after three men attacked London Bridge on Saturday night.

The attack is the third terrorist attack in the UK in the past 10 weeks, following attacks in Westminster and Manchester Arena.

Event organiser Chantelle Burton says the vigil shows that the solidarity between people in the country is something that can never be broken.

She explained: ‘Every time that there is a terrorist attack, there is an almost immediate backlash towards Muslims in the area.

‘Already I have seen Muslims in our community attacked and assaulted – but we need to show solidarity with them.

‘It is solidarity that we desperately need – we need unity, we must stand together for the sake of this country, for humanity.

‘It is important to stand against terrorism; we will not be beaten.’

People will also be joining in feeding the homeless after the vigil takes place.