Fuel prices set to rise sharply

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There’s bad news on the horizon for motorists - the cost of fuel is on the rise, with unleaded petrol now at 112.3 pence per litre.

This is 0.7 pence per litre more than the previous week.

However, the Petrol Retailers Association have warned that the falling pound combined with Brent crude oil hitting a 52-week high could see fuel prices rise sharply by the end of the month - by as much as 5 pence per litre.

Office of National Statistics figures show that the cost of diesel has also risen by 0.7 pence per litre with the cost at the pump now 114.4 pence per litre - for the moment.

Fuel is more expensive than at the same time last year, with unleaded petrol 3.4 pence per litre more expensive and diesel 3.6 pence per litre more than it was this week in 2015.

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