The great old Brickwoods pubs of Portsmouth

The Talbot
Picture: Keith Woodland.
The Talbot Picture: Keith Woodland.
Residents, Cherry Wiggins with her daughter, Shanice 9, Natalie English with her son Harry Bell 10, Michelle Anderson and Mathew Gunn at the area where the homeless people have settled in      
Picture: Habibur Rahman

PICTURES: Rough sleepers leave ‘vile’ mess as they take over Portsmouth tower block

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The brewery may long since have gone - but Portsmouth still has great examples of the distinctive old Brickwoods pubs.

With their mock Tudor facades and intricate mosaic lettering, relics of a lost age can still be seen across the city. Some have closed, but others are going strong.

Brickwoods brewed beer in Portsea from the late 19th century. The company was taken over by Whitbread in 1971 and brewing stopped in the 1980s.

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