THIS WEEK IN 1975: Investigation into ‘police irregularities’

Sedgley Close, in Southsea, where police are investigating a stabbing which happened around 4am today.

Residents speak of shock after Southsea stabbing

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Hampshire Police Authority was investigating alleged ‘police irregularities’ by a Southsea policeman in his questioning of a man about an alleged rape.

Allegations were made that the police constable took a Mormon bishop with him when he interviewed the accused.

The officer was alleged to have gone with the bishop to a house at Egham to interview the 23-year-old man who was later taken to Southsea police station for questioning.

A Hampshire police spokesman confirmed that a man had been helping police with their inquiries into an allegation of rape.

He said: ‘Alleged police irregularities have been reported to the disciplinary authority for the Hampshire police.’

During the investigation the officer was suspended.