Booth takes blow on the chin and hits back in style

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ellis booth hit back after recent international disappointment with a crushing win over Jamaican star Sarah-Joy Rae at the Haringey Cup.

The determined Portsmouth talent was recently told she lacks the punching power to make the England squad.

That was the verdict from the selectors when she attended the England (south) selection weekend recently.

But Booth took that blow on the chin – in resilient fashion – and came out fighting at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Booth was certainly not daunted about taking on Rae – who has boxed at the world championships and was within one fight of qualifying for the London 2012 Olympics.

Gym01 ABC talent Booth set out to prove the England selectors wrong.

She opened up well, controlling the direction of the fight, taking command of the centre of the ring and utilised her solid jab to force Rae back.

At the halfway stage of the contest, Booth was narrowly ahead on points.

It was clear everything would hinge on the final two rounds.

Both fighters put together some classy combinations in the third round.

But it was the fourth and final round where Booth’s impressive fitness paid off.

She upped her game and landed multiple rear hands to take a unanimous victory.

Coach Mike Clark said: ‘Ellis is a committed individual who is after only one thing – her England/GB vest.

‘I am hoping that after such a convincing victory over an established international, Ellis will get a call-up to represent her country.

‘It does not matter when or where.

‘Ellis is staying in the gym ready for that phone call.

‘She has had a hard year returning to her boxing – previously she had taken two years out due to education and work.

‘But she returned this season with a passion, easily hitting her weight of 54kg – hitting her fitness without question, and then hitting her target.’