Hawks hit back after Oatway exit shot

Gosport Borough FC hasn’t repaid a penny in rent arrears

The Hawks have hit back amid fresh accusations from Charlie Oatway following his shock exit.

The former assistant manager left West Leigh Park earlier this month – with both parties refusing to reveal the reason.

Now the former Brighton midfielder has stoked up the fire once again with a tirade against his ex-club.

Oatway has claimed the Hawks hierarchy lack 'decency' after stopping payments on his playing contract at the end of last season.

By that stage, the veteran midfielder had already been retired nine months and was serving solely as an assistant manager.

It is a decision which has angered Oatway, who still works as Brighton's community liaison manager

But the Hawks insist they have a clear conscience.

Secretary Trevor Brock said: 'We are saddened by Charlie's criticisms and totally refute them.

'As a club we pride ourselves on our professionalism and believe we treat people properly.

'We feel Charlie was treated honourably both as a player and assistant manager.

'He was paid for both posts even though he didn't play for nine months.

'A new contract as assistant manager was on offer right up to the end of May but he would not sign it.

'The club eventually had to move on.'

But Hawks boss Shaun Gale added: 'I am disappointed Charlie has felt a need to say this.

'I could say a lot but I am not going to embarrass him and quote figures.

'I know we have handled this correctly and am disappointed it's come to this.

'It's a shame he's decided to do this, as far as I am concerned we have moved on.

'I still thank him for his efforts and all the hard work he put in to help put this club where it is.'

Oatway said earlier: 'This is about Havant not having the decency to tell me when they knew the football money was for my mortgage, not my savings.

'If you have agreed something then you need to follow that through.

'I don't want to go around slinging mud at everyone but I think people need to be treated better than the way I have been.'