Blues boss hopeful of Chainrai answers

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Pompey manager Steve Cotterill expects his transfer window plans to become clearer by the end of the month.

He finally had a meeting with Balram Chainrai in London on Monday.

It was the first opportunity for Cotterill to seek answers from the joint-owner as he bids to maintain the team's promising momentum.

He declined to reveal what was discussed at the meeting, which was also attended by chief executive David Lampitt. Director Levi Kushnir was not present, though.

Now Chainrai has gone away to mull over the talks.

And Cotterill believes he will receive answers soon.

He said: 'I sat down and spoke with the joint-owner on Monday.

'He's gone away to have a think about a few things and maybe that one will pick up towards the back end of the year. I will know a little bit more by then.

'I like Balou, he's a good guy. It would be very easy to tell you the question I asked him because that means everything – and it wasn't about whether I can I have some money.

'But I can't do that because that would put pressure on him and I don't think it would be right.

'I needed to speak to him and he's going to go away and think about it. I don't feel enlightened – you can't get all that out in a couple of hours.

'For me it's the only football club I've been at where I haven't had a relationship with the owner or chairman.

'I think for any club to bear any fruit that is important.

'I have seen him twice now. We've swapped texts and everything now.

'I will be able to throw a little bit more light on that at the end of this year.'