Chainrai included 20 TVs as part of club deal

EX-OWNER Balram Chainrai
EX-OWNER Balram Chainrai
Conor Chaplin could start againsyt Plymouth. Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey v Plymouth: pre-match talking points

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THE promise of 20 flat-screen televisions was part of Balram Chainrai’s last efforts to sell Portsmouth Football Club to Convers Sports Initiatives.

And it might have taken four months, but those televisions turned up at Fratton Park a fortnight ago.

The revelation was made by Roman Dubov, who swore Hong Kong businessman Chainrai and Levi Kushnir’s company Portpin has no involvement in the running of the club.

He said: ‘We only met them in London during the acquisition process.

‘It’s a new era and new story for Pompey.

‘The last thing of the deal was Mr Chainrai promising some TVs, and they arrived two weeks ago.

‘Anything I can take from Mr Chainrai I will take.’

The televisions will be installed around the ground as part of the bid to improve the stadium’s facilities, which also included moving and repairing the big screen, improving the toilets, and changing the clock on the Fratton End.

The ground will also undergo a deep clean.

Mr Dubov also said the payments to Pompey’s extensive list of creditors would begin next spring, with payments spread over three years until 2015.

‘We are working on it,’ he added.

‘Everyone will get paid.’