Emotional farewell for Linvoy

Pompey manager Kenny Jackett. Picture: Joe Pepler

Jackett: Pompey have to be first to young talent

Linvoy Primus admitted tears flowed on a day of testimonial emotion.

The Pompey hero made his on-the-pitch farewell as he appeared in Saturday's victory over Fulham.

The match saw fans pay tribute to the 36-year-old exactly a decade after he joined the club.

Primus played 12 minutes of the game before being given a standing ovation as he was replaced by Kanu.

He also undertook a lap of honour – after chief executive David Lampitt revealed the Milton End will be renamed the Linvoy Primus Community Stand this season in his honour.

Primus revealed the emotion welled up in him on a day he will never forget.

He said: 'I did enjoy all of it.


It's been about me, but also really about me being able to say goodbye.

'I'm so pleased and there were a few tears.

'I saw my family and that got me. It was nice finish to it all.

'I realised this was it and there isn't going to be another occasion of playing in front of the fans. It signals the end.

'There were phone calls from managers who said I deserved what I got.

'Now is the end of the football but there is something ahead for me which is going to be just as exciting, if not more so.'

Primus explained having a stand at Fratton Park named in his honour blew him away.

Comparisons were also made to Jimmy Dickinson, which also humbled the defender.

He said: 'It took me over the edge when they said about the stand.

'I definitely wasn't expecting that.

'I never would have thought I'd see a football stand named after me in my lifetime. Let's hope it keeps the rain out!

'That is a massive honour and the accolade from David was lovely.

'The comparison to Jimmy Dickinson was amazing. I know what he stands for so to be mentioned in the same breath as him was something special.'

There were a few nerves for Primus after he put on a Pompey shirt over a year since his final appearance against Sunderland.

He said: 'I was looking to the dugout after two minutes to see if the manager would take me off!

'I managed to get a couple of touches and had a 100-per-cent pass completion. I think I got up to about 5mph in a sprint, too!'

Primus reflected on a Pompey career which has been full-to-brimming with memories.

He cited the promotion to the Premier League as the highest of many highs.

Primus has had to show spirit in the face of adversity too, fighting back to claim his place in the team after being written off.

He will now tell younger players the virtue of showing those kind of qualities in a far-reaching role as a mentor, as well as a ambassadorial position.

Primus said: 'There are too many stand-out memories, but the promotion was a big thing.

'I didn't think we'd make it to the Premier League – and in such style.

'That year and all the accolades I got was a stand-out, and then there were all those Premier League moments.

'It's been part of my character to fight. It's helped me to become a stronger person.

'You get knockbacks and it's been about how you get up from them.

'Now it's the time for me to step into a new role.

'There is a need in these times for it.

'I will do it with my heart.

'This next couple of weeks will be a big factor in where we go off the pitch.

'There is a lot going on, but you have to concentrate on the pitch.

'We have a lot of hard work and rebuilding to do.'