Pompey striker just needs the ammunition

David Connolly too gives visitors trouble early on in game'PortsmouthV Notts County'NPower League One'Fratton Park'Tuesday 29/1/2013
David Connolly too gives visitors trouble early on in game'PortsmouthV Notts County'NPower League One'Fratton Park'Tuesday 29/1/2013
Conor Chaplin could start againsyt Plymouth. Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey v Plymouth: pre-match talking points

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David Connolly insisted he’s ready to hit the Pompey goal trail – when the chances arrive.

The Blues striker feels he has what it takes to deliver a decent strike return for his side over the remainder of the season.

But the former Republic of Ireland international needs the opportunities to fall his way to do so.

Connolly believes there is potential in his partnership with James Keene – following the latter’s loan return to Fratton Park.

Goals have been at a premium for Pompey during their worst run of form in 37 years.

They have hit the back of the net just three times in their past seven games –with Gabor Gyepes, Ashley Harris and Jed Wallace the only goalscorers this season still at the club.

Connolly reckons chances have been few and far between in his four appearances since signing for the club.

He has backed himself to find the net when they start to arrive, though.

‘I really didn’t get any chances on Tuesday,’ he said.

‘I had a couple of half-chances against Hartlepool but I’m feeding on scraps a bit, if I’m honest.

‘I knew what I was coming into and that we might not have the ball as much.

‘Against Hartlepool a lot of crosses went behind or got blocked.

‘This time it was a bit better from out wide but we didn’t get enough sustained pressure around the box to really get chances.

‘I need a couple of chances to fall in and around the box.

‘For some reason, it just didn’t quite happen. It would be nice for one to fall to me two yards out like it did for them.

‘It won’t affect me too much, though.

‘The keeper made a save on Saturday but I haven’t had too many opportunities.

‘We’ve got another game coming up and hopefully it will change then.’

Connolly has linked up with Keene in the last couple of games with Pompey emp-loying a dual strikeforce.

How long that partnership will remain is unclear with Keene on loan from Swedish outfit Elfsborg.

Connolly likes what he has seen of the former Fratton trainee but the 35-year-old feels it is his duty to lighten the load for him.

He said: ‘I think the partnership has got a lot of potential. He’s keen, like his name.

‘It has worked quite well in patches but the ball was in the air so much against Notts County, it was a real war of attrition.

‘He’s got potential but I need to chip in with a goal myself. It’s just getting those chances.

‘It didn’t seem like we were building up play to get the same pressure on Tuesday.

‘I don’t remember having a shot and I don’t think James did either.

‘We didn’t seem to have that final ball or that cutting edge in the final third.

‘He works hard but we just need that extra bit of quality going forward.

‘I have to show that by what I do in a match.

‘I want to lead by example, if I can.’