Portsmouth City Council back supporters commitment

SUPPORTER Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson.
SUPPORTER Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson.
Conor Chaplin could start againsyt Plymouth. Picture: Joe Pepler

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PORTSMOUTH City Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson said he hopes fans will show enthusiasm towards the shares scheme.

But Cllr Vernon-Jackson said the council would not be buying shares.

He said: ‘I have been pushing them to do this for some time because we already need to know in hard cash how many people are prepared to invest in fans either owning or being part owners of the club.

‘If they are going to be able to go to the administrator and say we have got a £3m commitment by people who are prepared to invest in the club – that puts them in a strong position.

‘If they raise £5m it’s even stronger.

‘It’s important the trust shows commitment from people putting money in.’