Storrie: I will not desert Pompey

Matty Kennedy

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Peter Storrie today pledged not to run out on Pompey.

Instead the Blues chief executive is targeting securing the investment needed to strengthen the club's future while on holiday in Australia.

Storrie, above, has been stung by criticism over his decision to spend the next two weeks away from Fratton Park on the other side of the world amid the on-going financial turmoil.

There have also been reports his long-term future at the Blues is in doubt after he admitted during Avram Grant's first press conference as Pompey's new manager two weeks ago that he no longer dealt with the

club's financial affairs.

But despite the influence of owner Ali Al Faraj's main advisor, Mark Jacob, at Fratton, Storrie insists he is still doing all he can to help Pompey.

Speaking in Perth, Australia, this morning, Storrie told The News: 'I am not leaving this football club and I have not deserted anyone.

'As I understand it, the owners are very happy with what I do and see me as an integral part of the club going forwards.

'Everyone knows how much Pompey means to me.'

Storrie is currently in Australia for the 50th birthday of his wife's best friend, a holiday arranged six months ago. The 57-year-old has revealed he is also using the trip to carry out Al Faraj's wishes to attract additional Fratton Park investment.

Four meetings have already been held with potential investors in Hong Kong, while Storrie also plans to meet another interested party in Melbourne later in the week.

The fact Pompey's owner is eager to recruit further investment raises further questions over Al Faraj's financial clout – and puts into doubt the money which will be available to boss Grant for the January transfer window.

Pompey are believed to be searching for a major loan secured against the next two years of their TV revenues, which are paid via the Premier League.

But Storrie is hopeful his trip can bring in extra finance for the cash-strapped club.

He added: 'This was a trip arranged six months ago to be at the 50th birthday of my wife's closest friend.

'It has cost the club nothing – in fact I've been on club business while over here.

'Ali would like additional investors brought in and that is what I am happy to try to arrange. I know a lot of people in the world and I am talking to them about that. That's my job and I will continue to do that. I have already attended four meetings in Hong Kong and am also travelling to Melbourne for another one.

'These have been a range of different meetings with different people. Now I will be having discussions in Australia.

'I am on holiday but am still carrying out my job, I want to stress that. I am on the phone all the time and the Blackberry all the time.

'Work doesn't end when I fly out of England and I am hopeful things can be sorted.'

However, one of those unlikely to be investing is Balram Chainrai.

The Hong Kong-based businessman has already loaned the Blues in the region of 18m to pay wages. But Pompey's chief executive does not believe he is prepared to join the club's hierarchy.

Storrie added: 'Balram has no interest in investing or being part of the club. He is purely a lender, that is all.'