Supporters Trust: We’re still the best option for Pompey

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THE Pompey Supporters’ Trust has issued a defiant message despite the emergence of financier Keith Harris as a Pompey bidder.

Trust spokesman Colin Farmery told The News that the ‘fundamentals’ of its bid remains the same and confirmed it has raised its offer for Fratton Park, which is now £3m.

Mr Farmery said: ‘We are still digesting the news at the moment. We have been aware for some time there was potential for another bidder coming in but the fundamentals of out bid remain the same.

‘We have increased out offer, it’s fully funded and ready to go and we feel it is the best option for the creditors and the long term security of the club.

The high net-worth fans have kept the club going in the autumn, we have the backing of MPs and the council, the government minister for civil security backed what we are trying to do.

We feel that all things are in favour of our bid.

The most important thing is we will draw a line under anything that’s been wrong in the past.

‘That’s what the club needs at this particular time.

‘The statement I have seen is quite minimal in detail but the important thing from the trust’s perspective is not only are we the preferred bidder we have the club’s best interests at heart.

Asked if the trust would work with Mr Harris should he take over at Fratton Park, Mr Farmery said: ‘We are looking to find out information and more about what this is all about. Until we have the full facts at our disposal it’s difficult for us to say whether we will do this or that, but as a trust we have always been open to talking to people with the club’s interests at heart.’’