Whittingham soaks up his surroundings... quiz keeps players in tow

Pompey prankster Liam Lawrence
Pompey prankster Liam Lawrence
Pompey manager Kenny Jackett Picture: Joe Pepler

Jackett reveals his Pompey blueprint

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It seems that whenever anything happens on Pompey’s training camp, Liam Lawrence is involved.

So there was an air of inevitability about the outcome when the Republic of Ireland international was seen hurtling towards the swimming pool.

Some of those sat around the pool looked on in bewilderment as he took to the air.

Not Guy Whittingham, though, who was reading Bourne Dominion at the time.

Pompey’s engrossed first-team coach also failed to notice Lawrence leap into the air as he plotted his descent into the relatively calm waters.

Seconds later, a torrent of water leapt out of the pool to drench the sunbathers.

And no-one was more affected than poor Guy.

The Blues legend appeared frozen in time as he sat there with water cascading down his face while holding a book which had met a watery end.

Another victim for Lawrence.

n It’s the TV quiz show which has taken America by storm.

What’s more, it is rapidly becoming compulsive viewing among Pompey’s touring party. Repo Game involves a pair of repossession men taking back vehicles after their owners failed to keep up with repayments.

But there is a twist.

The owners can win back their vehicles, with all past and future payments settled, if they can answer three out of five questions correctly.

Lose and it’s bye bye as the vehicle is gleefully towed away.

Morally questionable, without a doubt, but engrossing viewing nonetheless.

Particularly considering some of the characters involved, including slack-jawed yokels, an incomprehensible cast member from Night of the Living Dead and a baseball-capped angry young man.

Sadly, such contestants usually ended up on the losing side.

Especially having failed to correctly answer the highly-taxing question of naming tennis’ two Williams sisters.