Turbo (U) ***

(Back to camera) Garrett Hedlund as Jamie McAllan. (Front of cart) Mary J. Blige as Florence Jackson (also inset)  and Rob Morgan as Hap Jackson.

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Slick animated adventure about a super-charged racing snail with big dreams.

A garden snail feels the need, the need for slime-burning speed in David Soren’s heart-warming computer-animated adventure.

Don't stop me now ' thrills and spills galore in animated yarn Turbo.

Don't stop me now ' thrills and spills galore in animated yarn Turbo.

When we first meet Turbo, he is toiling in the tomato patch with his ultra-cautious worrywart brother. Unlike his fellow molluscs, Turbo has big dreams: he yearns to put a pedal to the metal like his hero - French-Canadian Indianapolis 500 champion, Guy Gagne (Bill Hader).

Outrageous misfortune sucks Turbo into the engine of a street-racing car and the snail is coated in nitrous oxide, which fuses with his DNA and allows him to perform bursts of death-defying speed.

Turbo is a classic David and Goliath story enlivened with larger-than-life characters and high-octane action sequences. Soren’s film is harmless and wholesome family entertainment, punctuated by racing sequences that shift our pulses up a gear.

Turbo is instantly likeable and we root for him through thick and thin, while Dreamworks Animation ensures that snails have never looked so gosh-darn strokeable.