David Trent brings laughter to The Spring

David Trent appears at The Spring, Havant.
David Trent appears at The Spring, Havant.
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He was shortlisted for the Fosters Comedy Award (formerly the Perrier) and Chortle called his act ‘inventive, tech-heavy comedy that’s smart and dumb in equal measure’.

When did you first realise you were funny?

While at secondary school, I would spend a lot of time standing outside classrooms waiting to be allowed back into the room to get told off for whatever it was I’d just shouted out.

During those enforced isolations I would think to myself ‘holy mackerel, I am pretty damn funny. Forget these exams, when I’m 41, I’ll probably start getting paid small sums to drive from Cambridge to Havant and disappoint people’.

What would you be if you weren’t a comedian?

If I wasn’t a comedian, I would be a primary school teacher, just as I was for 16 glorious years before handing in my notice last December.

Name three things that make you laugh.

· It makes me laugh when I go to buy something electrical and I start talking to the salesman about all the research I’ve done into the electrical thing and the salesman clearly couldn’t care less about the research I’ve done, which makes me go into massive elaborate detail until the salesman just starts shrugging his or her shoulders and waiting for me to stop.

I laugh to myself in the car afterwards when this happens.

· MasterChef. John Torrode’s exhausted face consistently makes me laugh.

· My children’s behaviour in the five minutes after waking up. It’s like watching a computer reboot as they stagger around doing really weird stuff with crazy hair and face, trying to reconnect to their reality.

Tell us a joke.

So rude. What am I? Some kind of jester?

Ask me nicely and then I’ll still refuse.

I don’t do jokes.

Who’s your biggest hero?

Harry Styles out of One Direction. I admire everything about him. He is an inspiration to me. The way he has such great hair. Well done Harry.

· See David in stand-up tomorrow at the Havant Comedy Club at The Spring, East Street, Havant. Appearing alongside him will be Julian Deane, Jessica Fostekew and Laura Carr from 8pm. Tickets cost £5 from thespring.co.uk or (023) 9247 2700 or on the door from 7pm.