Death in Vegas at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

Sir Bruce Forsyth has died aged 89

WATCH: Sir Bruce Forsyth's career at a glance after his death aged 89

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Their first album was a dub-heavy piece that got lumped in with the mid-90s Big Beat boom. From there they turned into dark, dirty techno that leant heavily on guest vocals and a krautrock groove.

Their last album, Satan’s Circus was seven years ago, and the group had long been presumed dead.

But Mainman Richard Fearless has revived the name, with himself now contributing most of the vocals.

Their set at the Wedge leans heavily on new, unfamiliar, material, with one number threatening to turn in to Rocky Horror’s Timewarp. It’s a surreal moment, but the five-piece band provide a tight, throbbing groove.

At times the atmosphere leans on the strobes and the dry ice a bit too much over the music, but the band will suddenly click into a rhythm that reminds you why they were once so essential.

A throbbing Death Threat proves a high point.

None of their songs that utilised guest vocals from Liam Gallagher, Iggy Pop or Paul Weller receive an outing, but that seems in keeping with DiV’s revived way.

They encore before a near full house with an outstanding Hands Around My Throat and a finale that builds to a hypnotic end.

They’ve lost ground, but they’re still aiming high.