A chance to dance the Watusi one more time

The Wedding Present
The Wedding Present
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Doing a tour where you play one of your most polarising albums in full, could be considered foolhardy.

But David Gedge, mainman with indie legends The Wedding Present disagrees – November sees the band taking their 1994 album Watusi on the road.

Recorded with producer Steve Fisk in Seattle, Watusi saw the band move in a more lo-fi, poppier direction.

As David explains: ‘It was well received by the critics when it came out, but it did divide the fans, it’s fair to say. It’s not a typical Wedding Present album by any stretch. Fans actually tell me now that they didn’t like it at first, but now it’s one of their favourites – it’s actually one of my favourites.’

With ‘full album’ tours commonplace these days, it’s a concept David admits he wasn’t keen on at first – but this is now the third time they’ve done it – Bizarro and Seamonsters have already received the treatment.

‘I’m a changed man,’ David laughs. ‘When it was first suggested to me I was the biggest opponent – we’ve got new songs, and I want to work on the next album.

‘The idea of digging up the past didn’t seem that attractive but I was talked into it, and to my surprise and pleasure I really enjoyed it.

‘I’m glad they talked me into it. It’s interesting to go back to something and reanalyse it from 20 years later, or whenever. And even when the albums are released, you don’t play them all when you go out live.’

And he doesn’t worry about there being duff album tracks either: ‘Perhaps it sounds a bit too immodest, but I’m happy with all the songs on all the albums.

‘The ones that end up on the finished studio album, I’m happy with. Since I’ve been doing these tours, there’s never been a song that I’ve felt lets it down.’

But David thinks this is the last time they’ll be pulling this trick: ‘I think we’ll do this, and then look at what we’re doing next year, we’re working towards a new album anyway.’

The Wedding Present play Watusi and Other Songs tour kicks off on Tuesday at The Wedgewood Rooms, doors open 8pm. Tickets cost £14 from wedgewood-rooms.co.uk