Bombay Bicycle Club at Portsmouth Guildhall

David Cassidy pictured in 2008. Picture: PA

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The crowd inside the Portsmouth Guildhall was absolutely heaving and the atmosphere was electric as North London indie rockers Bombay Bicycle Club stopped off in town as part of their UK tour.

After some impatient chanting from the boisterous crowd, Bombay Bicycle Club took to the creatively-decorated stage, which included a number of giant faces as depicted on the cover of their current album, A Different Kind Of Fix. Covering the stage was a thin veil-like screen, giving a silhouette effect, which dramatically dropped midway through the opening track.

Bombay Bicycle Club were superb, good old indie rock at its absolute best. Tracks such as Your Eyes and the brilliant Leave It had the crowd in an almost ecstatic state as they jumped, danced, clapped and sang along to each and every track.

Having not seen these guys live before, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I was more than impressed with their energetic, melodic ‘90s style. I especially liked the inclusion of the banjo and outstanding drum solo in Ivy and Gold, which was the highlight of the night for me.

I highly recommend checking Bombay Bicycle Club live. You won’t regret it.