Brit Floyd at Portsmouth Guildhall

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SHINING like crazy diamonds on this sparking jubilee weekend, Brit Floyd were flawless and astounding.

Musically perfect, visually awesome, the show recreates the legendary, enigmatic band in its many forms, from ‘60s psychedelic pop band to ‘80s stadium-straddling behemoth and the reunited dream-come-true of Live 8.

At times the hall seemed to melt away as rainbows of lights raked, spun and spiralled around an entranced audience.

The familiar circular screen was put to great effect with moody visuals, and, for the blissful Comfortably Numb, the world’s biggest mirror ball.

Many present, like me, were doubtless devoted Floyd fans, who realise that, solo projects aside, this is as close to Pink Floyd as we will now ever get.

Highlights kept coming, but the slow build and chiming crescendo of Echoes was euphoric. The angry, disillusioned Falklands lament of The Fletcher Memorial Home, was, for Portsmouth, particularly poignant.