Expect no compromises when Fullcount play at The Edge of the Wedge

The Darkness. Picture by

Simon Emmett

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Hailing from the punk rock scene of Quebec City, Canada, Fullcount have begun a European tour and thanks to Portsmouth Punk Promotions they are heading to The Edge of the Wedge this weekend.

Since the release of their debut album, Concessions and Compromises, in 2014, Fullcount have been busy touring and describe their sound as ‘fast and technical punk rock merged with gravel-throated vocalising’. And as they say: ‘We’re pretty amped by the public response we’ve got so far’.

We can expect tracks from the album and some covers ‘with a twist of Fullcount’s lemon.’

Fullcount, plus support, will be in town on Sunday, doors open 7.30pm. £5 entry. 
Go to wedgewood-rooms.co.uk