‘It’s much easier to say swampy dubtronica’

Mountain of Love
Mountain of Love
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Mountain of Love, the latest project from former Alabama 3 creative minds Piers Marsh and Sir Eddie Real, comes to The Cellars at Eastney tonight.

Fusing dub, electronica and dance influences into complex, foot tapping grooves, Piers has returned to his first love of organic and creative music.

He says: ‘The thing I enjoyed most about making music was being in the studio. I would have demos I was working on and I would just dub them up live in the studio. But with a big band like Alabama 3, it was impossible to do that.

‘As Alabama 3 got bigger and bigger my role got less and less. I essentially ended up pressing go on a backing track and doing some backing vocals. It had moved away from the music that I wanted to write.

‘It was less satisfying so it was just time to start doing something different.’

Formed in 2011, Mountain of Love’s hybrid sound is difficult to categorise.

Says Piers: ‘I do work very, very hard on the music. It is organic and it is a complex sound, it just comes out that way. The music is a cross between funk and dub and dance but it is much easier to say swampy dubtronica.’

Making the move from the safety of the studio has been a daunting but worthwhile venture for Piers.

‘I get much more nervous before gigs than I used to because I know I could mess it up, but I think there is something extra that comes out of live performance for the audience. It gives you the confidence to experiment a bit more rather than playing it safe,’ he says.

Tickets: £10 from (023) 9282 6249 or thecellars.co.uk or £12 on the door from 8pm.