Review: From The Jam, The Pyramids Centre

Russell Hastings fronts From The Jam
Russell Hastings fronts From The Jam
Black Star Riders: from left, Scott Gorham, Chad Szeliga, Ricky Warwick,  Robbie Crane and Damon Johnson.  Picture by Richard Stow

Black Star Riders come under Heavy Fire on their latest tour

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From The Jam - keeping the flame alive for one of the best bands Britain ever produced, or a sad tribute act? Discuss.

With original Jam bass player Bruce Foxton in the line-up they probably can’t be accused of being a tribute band, but without main man Paul Weller they can’t pretend to be The Jam either.

Current frontman Russell Hastings handles the vocal duties well and wields a mean Rickenbacker but all the same…

As it turns out, the songs triumph anyway. This tour sees them reproducing the whole of the seminal All Mod Cons album plus a string of other old favourites and to hear Strange Town, When You’re Young and Down In The Tube Station played live again is an absolute treat.

It’s also a reminder of how sharp The Jam’s lyrics were. To reach number one and sing on Top of the Pops about ‘braying sheep’ politicians in Going Underground or the economic devastation in Town Called Malice is about as good as it gets for any rock group.