REVIEW: Gary Numan at The Pyramids Centre, Southsea

Synth-music meister Gary Numan

Synth-music meister Gary Numan

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Gary’s still full of the old fire and passion

For some reason in the early 80s the popular music press collectively decided that Gary Numan was old hat and worthy only of derision.

I cannot say why, and after seeing him throw everything at the crowd in a sweaty, sell-out Pyramids I cannot imagine them dismissing him so lightly in the future.

Just ask Nine Inch Nails or Basement Jaxx how important Numan is.

This tour is celebrating a trio of superlative albums: Telekon, The Pleasure Principle and Replicas.

Over 90 minutes Numan and his band rip through the finest tracks from each building to a roaring crescendo with We Are Glass, Are ‘Friends’ Electric?, Cars and I Die: You Die.

A backward-looking set like this is bound to contain many fan favourites and mine was the stunning Me, I Disconnect From You although the aforementioned Basement Jaxx-sampled ME also put a wide grin on my face.

For a performer renowned for his reticence this show was full of fire and passion.

Who says synth-based music is cold?

You should see Numan, he may not speak to the crowd between songs but perhaps, with material this strong, he doesn’t need to.

What do music critics know anyway? Make your own mind up...


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