Review: Paul Weller, Southampton Guildhall

Paul Weller
Paul Weller
Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw put a positive spin on their new life as a duo

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So finally I get to review The Modfather, the one and only Paul Weller.

The weather is drizzly but the Guildhall is packed out. Opening to Sunflower, Weller adopts his usual relaxed strut. With eleven top ten consecutive solo albums, Weller has much to choose from.

Wake Up The Nation and From The Floorboards Up get people animated and a definite buzz soon bounces from wall to wall.

We welcome the classics; My Ever Changing Moods from his Style Council days and The Jam’s That’s Entertainment and he wastes no time flying through his back catalogue.

With a primary focus on the latest fix ‘Sonik Kicks’ Weller illustrates he is not afraid to experiment. Kling I Klang and That Dangerous Age deliver a futuristic approach and the rifts of Dragonfly have us eating out of the palm of his hand.

My highlight has to be the mesmerising performance of Porcelain Gods. Weller has that art of being able to wrap you up within a song, so it feels that it’s just you and him in the room.

After the second encore Weller finally gives in and ends with Town Called Malice.

A memorable night definitely had by all.