Review: Wilko Johnson, Wickham Festival

The Lounge Kittens are Zan Lawther, Timia Gwendoline and Jenny Deacon. Picture by Paul Harries.

These kittens may have claws – but they’ll still be plenty of fun

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At about 8.45pm a large red sun set over the hills to the west of Wickham and all was well with the world.

The sky was blue, and a countryside festival made perfect sense; to be honest, this weekend there are few better places to be.

Last night the undoubted star attraction was Wilko Johnson.

From being a cult RnB figure, in recent years his legend has increased after a terminal cancer diagnosis proved – wonderfully – to be inaccurate.

Two years ago the Wickham festival was meant to be one his swansong gigs, and yet now having recovered he’s returned.

At least that’s what we hope – last night a slightly prosaic set was truncated 30 minutes early with an announcement that Wilko was ill.

At times he was magical, but it didn’t captivate as it should have.

But an understanding crowd wished him all the best.

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