The Answer at the Wedgewood Rooms

Victor Ariat

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Whoever said ‘rock is dead’ clearly wasn’t at the Wedgewood Rooms on Thursday night.

Northern Irish rock band The Answer played to a crowd of die-hard rock fans at the Southsea venue.

The amount of black tour T-shirts and men sporting long hair left you in no doubt that this was a rock gig.

Warm-up act Gentleman’s Pistols did a good job at breaking the rather frosty outer exterior of the crowd.

On came The Answer with powerful guitar riffs that took me back to a time when I considered myself a rock chick. The lead singer’s powerful vocals and wild mane of hair cemented his position in my mind as rock-god frontman.

The latest tour was to plug their new album. Revival. Notable new songs from the set were Trouble and Nowhere Freeway, which both went down well with the crowd.

Old favourite Preachin’ got everyone dancing when Cormac Neeson, the lead singer, got down into the mosh-pit and got involved.

The Answer spent 2008 touring with AC/DC and this has certainly rubbed-off on the band.

They played a classic rock set that left you in no doubt that rock music is most definitely alive and kicking.